Tallahassee Leadership


Whitney Harris

Whitney was born without her right arm and right leg due to a birth defect called Amniotic Band Syndrome. She is the second oldest of five children and is originally from Florida. Whitney’s mother treated her as an equal to her siblings. This gave Whitney her outlook of being just like everyone else. In high school, she got the opportunity to be a delegate in Florida’s Youth Leadership Forum where she began her interest in the disability community. It wasn’t until college that she attended her first event that was exclusive to people without limbs. There, Whitney noticed that being around others that were more similar to herself really increased her self confidence. After finishing college and moving to Denver for her career, she was eager to make new friends. She learned about support groups through the Amputee Coalition and wanted to get involved in one in Denver. Whitney met the rest of the foursome through her work and they began discussing the need for a more active support group in Denver. Whitney also is a Brownie Girl Scout leader for the local Girl Scout council. She graduated from St. Petersburg College in 2012 for Orthotics and Prosthetics.  In 2014, Whitney took a job in Tallahassee and started a chapter of LIM359 in Florida.


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